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In an era of technology, the certification process is often the most manual process in the convention industry.   Why?   We often hear that it is because the cost of collecting scans and programming the certificates is so expensive.


At EDC we respectfully disagree.   Meeting planners always tell us, "I had no idea session tracking is so affordable!"   


At EDC, you have many scanning options.   Handheld scanners with flexible programming to allow you to change rooms in seconds to allow you to move your scanners to the busiest rooms.   Or standalone stations that give your attendees instant verification they have been scanned without the need for temps or volunteer staff.   Or RFID portals that allow your attendees to move through doorways without stopping to be scanned.   


From barcodes to RFID tags, EDC leads the way in flexible, cost-efficient technology.    We give you both DIY and full service options to fit your budget and staffing needs.


Post-event, the EDC Session Portal allows you to reference an attendee's scan data, add or subtract classes, generate a new certificate in real time, email the attendee while you have them on the phone, and keep an audit trail of all changes made and who made them.


EDC's Session Tracker Plus gives you fully audited scan results to share with your certification issuance regulators to prove attendance and length of stay.


Find out more about EDC's STP technology now.



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