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EDC Lead Retrieval

Lead retrieval is more than just scanning a badge.  It is understanding how to help your exhibitors gather more information, in settings on and off the exhibit floor.   It is giving your exhibitor tools to enhance the initial contact with add-on marketing information while the iron is hot.   It is giving your exhibitors many options, from traditional lead scanners to easy-to-use, fully featured lead retrieval apps, from post-scan automated contacts with PDF brochures to in-booth RFID and app-based beacons to provide sophisticated metrics to the marketing directors looking for reasons to exhibit at your event.   

EDC Scanners

We continue to bring you the best in lead retrieval solutions.  The new EDC Zebra represents best in class technology.  Rapid scans, lightning fast processor, long battery life, and features like voice notes and high res screen, combined with the EDC Leads app and its incredible funcitonality, makes EDC the leader in taking care of your exhibitors!
Let us take care of you!


Our white glove service lets you relax, knowing your exhibitors are being cared for.  From pre-event technology support to onsite service, from the finest technology to value pricing, we are the leader in services to your exhibitors.


Our EDC Leads app features voice to text notes, survey capabilities, and integrated marketing functionality through the EDC AQ (Active Qualifiers) feature.  

With AQ, we have PDF document support for exhibitors within our app, whereby attendees will be able to download featured marketing materials from exhibitors and sponsors to extend and support the sales process and give exhibitors scale extension to their marketing initiatives onsite.  


We will be releasing an extension of our long-range RFID technology to in-booth coverage with feature rich reporting at game changing pricing levels to support your A list exhibitors.   We also offer an attendee portal for attendees to review booths where they were scanned and download marketing support materials and requests for information to support post-event brand awareness.  


And we will continue to offer our white glove service.

What makes us different from the others?


Personal, patient service.  Thorough industry knowledge.  Incredible onsite support. A system that works, with complete data security and redundancy.    An easy interface for your exhibitors and attendees (our RetrieveMyLeads portal is receiving a facelift in 2016 to support our marketing support initiatives).   Find out why exhibitor after exhibitor tells us "these are the best scanners out there.   This app works so easily.   Can I get you at my other events?"   

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