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EDC Session Tracking

From just a few hundred attendees to 20,000, our EDC STP program has best-in-class features to make data collection and certificate issuance a breeze.  Data can be collected by handheld scanners, standalone table top scanners, LE Bluetooth beacons, short-range RFID Tap'N'Go, and long-range RFID readers.   Our service levels vary from DIY to complete onsite support, and our price points are so competive that planners don't think we are for real.   Find out how real we are!   

Is it complicated?


Not at all!   Send us your session schedule and a template of your certificate.   We take care of everything else.   We build the schedule, we build the certificate, we build in your certification requirements (ie length of stay in a session, different hours for differing registration categories, etc), we program the equipment, we ship, and if you prefer, we show up to manage the process.   We free up your time onsite to let you do what you do best...we don't ask you to learn our system and build your own schedule or  documents.   Unless you want to.  We do it for you, full service, at budget friendly pricing.  Don't believe us?  Click Contact Us to learn more.

Let us take care of you!


We really are everything to everybody.   QR codes?  Fine.   Other barcodes? Sure. Bluetooth beacons, short-range RFID,  long-range RFID?  That's easy.   


We can help you select the best solution for your conference.   Will you have temps at the doorways for that personal touch?   Or do you want cost-efficiency while making it easy for your attendees to know they were scanned? Or would you like them to receive real time session attendance verification on their phones?   We are more than happy to explain your options.   


Have attendees with different certification requirements?   We've done that.   Do you need sophisticated rules for determing appropriate credit?  We have that in our arsenal.   


Want to hear from our satisfied clients?   Contact us, and we can send you everything you'd ever want to know about EDC and session tracking.

What makes us different from the others?


Personal, patient service.  Thorough industry knowledge.  Incredible onsite support.   A system that works, with complete data security and redundancy.    An easy interface for your team or temps, and just as easy for your attendees to use. And we are easy on your budget.   We are a game changer in session tracking.   Find out why it is our fastest growing line of business, and why our clients say, "Everyone needs to know about this service!".   

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