EDC EventApp

Event apps have become a necessity.  If you utilize EDC's lead retrieval or session tracking offerings, EDC may provide our EventApp to you at little to no cost.  With the EDC EventApp, you get additional features like exhibit hall traffic analysis, exhibitor booth meta market information, and integrated session tracking that frees you from the cost of equipment, temp staff, and scanning lines.  The EDC EventApp gives you all the expected features you require, and also integrates wonderful new features from our partnership with Positive Proximity.   

EDC EventApp Features 


  • Sponsor Banners on Every Page, with Multiple Sponsor Rotating Banner capability.

  • Your attendees are there to learn.  The EDC EventApp is optimized for session schedules, personalized session agendas, speaker search, speaker materials, and certification tracking.

  • Integrated bluetooth beacon functionality can save you large amounts of temp staff costs, manual time and energy in your certification process, and enhanced real time data capabities for things like emergency contact or Push Notification.

  • Integrated Self Check In to make the registration process flow smoothly.

  • Built In Session Survey Functionality at no extra cost, with plentiful customization options available.

  • Gamification (coming soon!)

  • Live Audience Polling (coming soon!)

EDC is pleased to announce the development of the new EDC EventApp, bringing best in class features at little to no cost to your event.  


Our partnership with Positive Proximity, the nation's leading beacon app technology provider to the small meeting market, allows us to bring you all the "normal" features of a typical event app, along with the wonderful benefits of beacon technology enhancements.   Help your attendees navigate the session rooms, remind them when it is time to get to the next session, allow them to build a custom session schedule that automatically checks them into the session room and lets them know their attendance is verified.  Track expo hall attendance, aisle traffic attendance, and for booths with a 20x20 or greater footprint, in-booth traffic analysis, length of stay, and mapping/interaction analysis.