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RFID allows you to do so many wonderful things at a conference or tradeshow.  Yet adoption in the industry has fallen way of predictions.   Objections usually start with "it's just too expensive".   For most RFID vendors in the industry, that is true.  EDC utilizes a unique business model to bring RFID to your meeting at budget friendly pricing.



















A few of EDC's recent RFID applications:


  • Expo hall traffic scanning across three 40' openings for a 15,000 person medical convention.

  • Tap'n'Go stations for a 1500 person corporate meeting covering twenty rooms.

  • Session attendance for certification and expo hall for a 1600 person medical industry meeting.

  • RF Lead Retrieval and handheld session scanning for a 2200 person corporate meeting.

  • Sponsor-driven keynote and expo hall tracking for an alternative fuels industry tradeshow.


RFID gives you self-check in station capability with instant confirmation response so your attendees can move into and out of rooms quickly and with the assurance that they have been counted for credit.


Long-range RFID offers rapid traffic flow into and out of rooms.  Badges are automatically read and data recorded without the attendee ever having to do scan a badge.  No temps, no scan stations!  Just like your car on a highway, EDC's RF moves large quantities of people into and out of rooms as quickly as possible.  


Contact us now to learn more about your RFID options. 

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